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The cookies are small files used by websites that you visit to temporarily store the computer or your mobile device, various data that help the website to "remember" that needs to be visitor browsing more friendly and easy. For example, can remember what products you saw recently and so you show them to the revisit quickly and easily.

The cookies fall into four main categories:

  1. Functionality. Lack of cookies in this category affects the operation of the website greatly. Without cookies, functions such as the connection member to a website, electronic product markets or online payments are not possible.
  1. Performance. These cookies are associated with gathering information about the behavior of users to navigate the site and store anonymous information about usage statistics, performance etc. Their purpose is collecting information that improve the functioning of the website.
  1. Usability. The usability cookies store user data that will enable the next user visiting the website. The data can be anonymous, and are not available in the user's navigation of other sites.
  1. Advertising. Used to select and display ads tailored to the interests of the user. 

What creates the cookies and how they are used 

The uses the fewest possible cookies so unless you want to use them, your experience is not affected much. Specifically we use the necessary cookies (an encrypted cookie with unique guest code) to know that you've never visited our pages, but also to remember what products you visited last to show you the latest. We use cookies to know how many results you want to see and in what order. We also use cookies to know that you are logged into the system (login) so you do not need to ask your password every time you change the page. We do not keep personal information in cookies, and do not share personal information with any other website company. Epomenos, with your personal information is completely secure.


Use for statistical purposes of applying Analytics Google (like many other sites worldwide) and optional links to social networks (facebook, twitter etc) which you may use temporary cookies.

The cookies are governed by the privacy policy of Google personal data (

How do I disable the cookies;

The Internet browsers (browsers eg: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) enable you to disable cookies where the use of not be affected except functions: products you viewed recently, logins , signup which will not be available.