Rewards Points

Earn points by buying! rewards you with every purchase!

Making purchases from our online store you earn points depending on the value of the products you buy. Requirement to collect and redeem your points is that you have subscribed to and make your purchases through your account (and not as ordinary visitor).

For every € 1 you earn 1 point!

In each product card will show its value points and how many points you earn by buying it.

Points earned are added to each order in your account upon completion and receipt.

Picking up points and you can redeem them at any of your next purchase you wish and as many as you want every time.

You can use your points to earn discounts on products or even to purchase products free of charge if you have their value in points.

To see your points, simply log into your account and see your balance in the details.

If you click on the rest of your points will be presented in detail by what your markets are and which markets have consumed.

For any questions you have about your points, please feel free to contact us at email: