Photo studio box with dimmable LED lights E-Reise 60x60cm

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Photo cube used as a temporary studio.

Make small objects have the perfect photographic effect!

Portable and foldable design, easy to store and transport.

You can assemble it in no time!

It is ideal for photographing small products for promotion on the internet, such as digital products, jewelry, watches, handmade items, food dishes, cosmetics and anything else you can think of.

The 2 bars provide LED lighting with a color temperature of 5500 kelvin (daylight) and dimmer function to adjust the lighting to the desired intensity for a more realistic result.

LED luminaires with top fidelity that you place freely inside the cube to achieve the lighting effect you need.

No shadows and reflections on the object!

It has 3 backgrounds and a convenient bag for comfortable transport.

Take professional photos in a second!

Lighting: 126 led 50w 15,000 lux

Size: (open): 60x60x60 cm