Insoles Silicone B Tall to look taller

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Tired of feeling short? Want to look taller and make you more relaxed walking? If so, then the B Tall Insoles for you.

This is a revolutionary new system that adds up to 5 cm and the best is that it is completely invisible. The B Tall Insoles are very comfortable, thanks to the material which absorbs shock when walking. They consist of five levels flexible gel thickness 1 cm. Fitted one over the other. So, you choose how much to add.

  It is ideal for men and women who want to feel taller and fit all types of shoes: sports, heels, boots even ballerinas.

It is completely invisible, no one will know you're wearing them, but will look five centimeters taller in seconds.

The package includes one pair of silicone insoles.

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