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Pilate Ring

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Rubber ring for pilates exercises with nonslip handles and non-slip surface.

Soft externally controlled rate and maximum efficiency.

Comfortable to use and lightweight.

Diameter: 36 cm.

Transferred very easily fits in any bag or travel case.

Strengthens and tones the major muscle groups in the arms, legs, chest and pelvic area. Meets exercises exercises the entire body.

The pilates ring represents a new concept in the field of pilates exercise, designed to excite and drills many muscle groups throughout the body, providing constant resistance based on the principle of isometric and causing the body to act against in oneself or in one stable surface.

The pilates ring now widely used by trainers to add intensity to floor exercises and is ideal to upgrade all the exercises for athletes. It is also ideal for troubleshooting or injury to the muscles.

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