Pelvic floor strengthening device

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Hip trainer, buttocks lifting exercise equipment.

A must-have for any woman wishing to sculpt hips, legs, thighs and gluts.

It improves the blood system of lower limb muscles and buttocks, makes hips and lower limbs more flexible and promotes activities.

It also helps slim and tighten thighs, buttocks and lower abdominal muscles.

Ideal for those with sedentary lifestyles and postpartum mothers.

The kegel exercise equipment is made of thick carbon steel, PVC environmentally friendly material and soft rubber.

Use it with Pilates and Yoga practice.

Train with it for just 1 minute every day and you can have tighter hips in 4 weeks.

No slips, no roll up, no rub against your skin.

Use it at home or the gym.

Firmer gluts for more confidence!

Size : 24x9cm.