EMS foot mat

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If you’re constantly on your feet, a foot massager can come in handy, as it works to help relax and relieve sore arches and knots and improve blood circulation.

EMS Foot Massage Mat will keep your tootsies feeling happy.

Multiple modes allow you to recover faster, perform better, and live in more optimal health!

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology simulates the brain to send signals to the muscles and nerves, ordering the muscles to move themselves which helps them relax and get stronger.

It has 6 adjustable intensity levels from weak to strong as you like.

Turn it on and enjoy the foot massage that will take only 20 minutes.

According to the ancient practice of reflexology, each of the different areas on the bottoms of your feet corresponds to specific parts of the body.

Massaging them means improving them in every possible way!

Reduce symptoms of headaches and migraines.

Improve your mood, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.

Relax your body and your mind in the comfort of your home!

2 AAA batteries required (not included).

Size: 31 x 31cm.