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Metal children's basketball bin with dashboard, floor stand & adjustable height up to 156 cm

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It's time to play! And what better than putting your kids into the magical world of basketball?

Now you can have your own basketball on your balcony or garden and let your little bobbins grow their talent!

The product is a complete set that will teach your children the beauty of basketball!

We all know the benefits of sports in the child's life and in particular a team sport like basketball!

For greater stability of the basket, you can fill the basket with water or sand, and when it is empty it is too light to carry it in or out

From home, while you can have it with you even on the beach!

Give yourself a few minutes of relaxation while your children have fun while practicing!

The basket is set to different levels up to 156 cm high.

The wreath and the height-supporting pieces are metallic, while the dashboard and the base are thick ABS durable material.

The set is suitable for children aged 6 years or older, but younger children can play by setting it low.

The package includes: dashboard, wreath, net, inflatable, ball, floor base.


Basket height: up to 156 cm

Dash height: 31.5 cm

Dashboard length: 40cm

Crown diameter: 25 cm

Base height: 8 cm

Base diameter: 32 cm

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