Quality digital display test pen

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Convenient test pen suitable for detecting12-250V AC and DC current.

It detects zero line, phase line and breakpoint of ac current, as well as non-live conductor and on-off. With night vision lamp with lighting.

Chrome vanadium alloy steel / ABS insulating plastic.

Circuit on-off test Press the "inductive breakpoint test" button.

The charged symbol is the phase line.

If there is a breakpoint in the live circuit, move the test pen.

The point where the charged symbol disappears is the break point.

High voltage induction test Suitable for AC detection under 1000v.

Grasp the pen head.

The tail of the test pen must be close to the detection object.

The light is on indicating there is electricity.

The brighter the lamp, the greater the voltage.

Battery model: 3 button cell LR1130 .

Product size: 14.3x 2.6x 2cm.