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Plasma ball 12.5 cm in diameter

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Plasma Ball creates an amazing light show from any angle and look at it.

Exciting display, but playing games with it is even more fun!

Connect it to the power and touch it.

It will respond to your touch in the most striking way!

Simply put your fingers on the surface of the glass and watch the shining light follow your every move.

You can really "feel" its energy as the light gently caresses your fingerprints!

Discover its healing and tranquilizing qualities and impress friends and colleagues!

Connect it to power and watch hundreds of small purple lightning strikes come out!

You can control them simply by touching anywhere on the transparet ball with your fingers and gather them to any point you wish.

It is a device that guarantees to impress those who see it and enchant the atmosphere of your space, adding mystery and relaxation.

New model with an illuminated base that acts as a night light and can also play music.

Ideal for the children's room.

Negligible power consumption.

Total height with base approx. 21cm