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Juicer Manual For Fruits And Vegetables Juice Wizard

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Produces 68% more juice than any electric juicer!

Unlike other hand juicers, the Juice Wizard is extremely flexible.

It can be used to produce juice from lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and leafy greens.

It is uniquely designed to offer a simple and efficient extraction process - manufacturing high quality and high nutritional juice without having to use electricity.

An extremely easy to use device for juice from pomegranate, orange, apple, strawberry, peach, beets, leaves of celery and parsley etc.

The slow speed with which the slow juicer presses fruits-vegetables, has the effect of maximizing the quantity of juice, to minimize slack and not be split enzymes, vitamins and fiber.

And the juice is homogenized and not altered even take several hours.

It is ideal for kitchen and easy to be carried wherever you go.

You only need this lightweight and durable juicer is to place him in a smooth and even surface and the feed with your favorite fruit or vegetables.

It only takes a few circular movements (turns) so you can enjoy homemade, nutritious, juice where and when needed.

Extremely useful and where there is no current.

The package includes all accessories: container for juice, head (filter) stainless steel piston.

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