UV sterilization box

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UV sterilization box that kills 99% of germs and viruses found on everyday items.

You can use it to sterilize mobile phones, wallets, purses, keys, rings, watches, other jewelry, utensils and accessories.

Ultraviolet rays are electromagnetic waves contained in sunlight.

They can kill bacteria within 10 minutes!

Stop diseases from spreading.

It can disinfect hard-to-reach areas like USB slots or your earbuds.

Use it with your Bluetooth device and stop worrying about its cleanliness.

With LED display to show you the progress of sterilization.

Equipped with optional aromatherapy function.

USB cable included.

Inner cavity size : 18x10x2.2cm.

Ultraviolet wavelength : 253.7mm.

UV lamp power : 2*1W.

Input voltage : DC5 V.

Rated power : 9W.

Maximum capacity : 6.5 inch mobile phone.

USB powered. Size : 22.5x12x5cm.