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Phone Shower Spa with LED & negative ion filter lighting

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This unique handheld showerhead changing colors depending on the temperature of the water while the integrated filter removes chlorine and other harmful substances, enhances microcirculation of the blood and prevents skin problems.

It is perfectly safe to use for children to learn the water temperature, so do not burn nor cold.

To LED SPA Healthy Shower Head has built-in filter with ceramic tourmaline beads and organic form of germanium which:

* Removes chlorine from water and other substances (such as heavy metals).

* Helps blood circulation.

* Enhances microcirculation.

* Prevents skin problems (dermatitis etc.)

* Subtly flavored water and your body.

* Keeps skin soft (excellent for outer beauty)

You can also add your own herbs or salts and enjoy your SPA in the comfort of your home.

To LED SPA Healthy Shower Head completes your SPA experience thanks to the specially designed high-pressure head available for gentle and invigorating massage!


Lighting LED: Green, blue and red

Water temperature below 31 degrees C: LED green

Water temperature between 32-43 degrees C: LED blue

Water temperature between 44-50 degrees C: LED red

Water temperature above 51 degrees C: LED lights flash red to avoid burns

Outdoor shower head diameter (approximately) 2.36inch / 6 cm

External thread Diameter: (approx) 0.7inch / 2 cm

Overall Length: (approx) 8.6 inch / 22 cm

Number of LED: 12

Material: ABS

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