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Inflatable sofa - sunbed

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To Absolute Gadget summer - The sofa goes everywhere and is inflated with 2-3 moves! Ideal for beach, picnic, camping, mountain, swimming pool etc.

Inflatable sofa - Pocket sunbed, made of strong and durable material, which fills with air in just seconds.

No pump is required, or any other means of blowing only the simple air which surrounds us.

You can carry everywhere. On the beach, camping, garden or in the park, and in no time you will have a comfortable sofa that can be

It accommodates up to 2 people.

The transfer is a breeze thanks to the practical shoulder bag that includes so you can always have with you to use any

time you want to relax and enjoy.

It is easy to use. Fill the air simply by moving back and forth, in the same manner is filled with air a simple plastic bag.

A plastic cap closes the exit and keeps the interior air.

Thus a minimum of the interior will be filled up to 500L air. Wrap the tip, secure the air outlet and the sofa - sunbed is ready!

Fills in no time and also empties in less time! The wrap and put it back in the shoulder bag until you use it again.

The inflatable sofa is suitable for any surface (sand, grass, rocks, and even water). It is ideal for the beach, camping, gardens, parks, countryside or

anywhere else you need.

He is comfortable and convenient and will make you relax! 

If you take it with you to the beach, you will not have to pay for sunbeds, simply because with you!

Remains bloated for more than 4 hours.

After this time simply repeat the same blowing process. Holds up to 2 adults and withstand up to 180 kgr.

Dimensions (inflated): 186 x 88.5 cm

Dimensions (folded in case): 31.5 x 18 cm

Weight : 675 gr


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