Portable two-way radio BF-888S BAOFENG

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Simple, economical and convenient device to facilitate your communication.

Suitable for security guards, construction area indication, most helpful for field survival, biking and hiking.

With strong led light to meet your need at dark nights.

You can communicate with each other in remote area or wild field, where cell phone signal is poor.

Very easy to use, All you need is turn two radios to the same channel, push a button, and you can hear from your mate.

Charge your device and have it ready in any case!

CAUTION : special radio-amateur license required.

Frequency range : 400-470 MHz.

RF rated power : 5W.

Channel capacity : 16

Operated voltage : 3.7V.

Weight : 150g.

Size : 11.5x6x3.3cm.