Frequent Questions

1. In what ways can I order?

 - Through our online store: Create an account with your information and connect with him in You can then browse our online store and choose the products you want by adding them to your "basket". To complete your purchase you need to provide the information you requested from the system during the process of completing your order.

 - By telephone: Calling on 22910 71508 you can make your order by phone.

We are available from Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00 and Saturday 10:00 to 14:00 to help you choose the right products for you and place order.

2. In what ways can I pay?

- By credit card: Our online store accepts credit cards Visa & Mastercard as well as debit and prepaid cards issued in Greece or abroad, which you can use to make your purchases once the amount of charge on your card.

- By bank transfer: Once you complete your order you can choose from the available accounts (Piraeus Bank and Eurobank) and deposit the price of your order by entering your name or order number. The process of sending the order starts after the appearance of the deposit in our account.

ATTENTION: in case of transfer of funds from another bank customer must select all expenses of banks (both his and our bank) to charge him. If the bank does not give this option then the customer must make transfer the order amount plus 4 €.

- By PayPal: Pay your order easily, quickly and safely through the online payment service PayPal. Choose «PayPal» payment upon completion of your order and login to your account to confirm the payment. The process of sending the order starts after confirmation of payment to PayPal account.

- By cash: You can complete your order from our online store and pay the equivalent of the time you will pick up your order at your place. The delivery has extra charge of 1,90€. 

3. How can I receive my order?

 - By courier: The ACS Courier undertakes to deliver the products to your area on our behalf in all regions of Greece that covers the transport network quickly and securely within 24-48 hours.

 - With Pickup from our store: You will be notified by phone or by email when you can receive your order.

 4. How do I create an account;

 Creating an account at our online store is very simple and takes only a few minutes. At the same time it gives you flexibility and control of orders and your data.

 To create your own account click on the top right of any page of the display <Sign In / Register>

 There, click on Register.Immediately you will be taken to a page with a simple input form that you must complete.

 There should fill out a valid email address so you can receive useful e-mail from our system as notifications and password recovery instructions will be necessary to activate your account.

 Furthermore you must provide a "password» consisting of small-lowercase Latin letters or symbols or numbers or a combination of these.

 On the next line you need to enter the desired password again for the system to verify that this is the code you want and not mistaken.

 Then you type the characters that appear on your context for certifying that you are a real user. (This is for safety reasons)

 Finally after pressing the word 'register' your account will be ready. All you need to do is click on <Edit Profile> and complete address and telephone number or fill out when you want to make a purchase.

 You will not need to repeat the process the next time you want to enter as a registered user or make purchases

 5How do I log into my account;

 It is very simple at the top right of any page of press the <On my account> and select <Sign In>.

Fill in your email address and password in the appropriate fields. Following press the "Sign Int" icon. If your data is valid you connect.

6. What do I do if I forget my account Password?

 It can happen to forget your password, but this will not be a problem for you to re-enter, since you can easily recover your password.

It is very simple at the top right of any page of press the <My account> and select <Sign In>.

 On the page that appears tap <Forgot your password?>.

 Clicking on this option will take you to the password recovery page where you must enter your email.

 After you click on "Reset Password", the system will send you an email very shortly, follow the link to confirm the password retrieval, and fill in your new password in your profile information.

7. Why should i create an account at and how should i manage it?

The bill is a uniquely yours room in our online store.

Once logged in you can make purchases, track your orders and manage your personal information and collect your reward points from your purchases.

When you are now connected at the top right of any page of press the <My account> and see additional information:

Profile details - Pressing the indication < Profile details > you can view and change all the important information about your account such as contact numbers, your address, your email and your password. Your changes however only be stored if you press the display <Save>.

Orders - Pressing the indication <Orders> you can see all your orders and their situation, both the older and those in progress.

My Points - Pressing the indication <My Points> see detail than you've earned your points and you redeem them.

Wishlist - Pressing the indication <Wishlist> see what items you have put in your favorites.

Order ID - Click to display the order number you wish to view.

Sign out - Clicking the indicator <Sign out > sign out of your account.

8. How can I see what products are available?

All products in this store are in Section Availability: marked

- In stock when available

- Not Available when exhausted.

In some products and in writing Availability In stock can see below the <ADD TO CART> marked in red THIS PRODUCT WILL BE DELIVERED AFTER ../../.... This means that you buy the product in question and will be delivered after the date specified.

9. What do I do if I change my mind about my order?

 To serve you in the best possible way, please contact us immediately, either prior to shipping your order, or upon receipt of your order by calling us on 22910 71 508.

 Hours Monday to Friday 9:00pm - 17:00pm and Saturday 10:00pm - 14:00pm.

 Go terms and conditions for additional information about our policy on refunds, product changes and changing opinion on orders.

10. What should I do if I receive a product that does not work as it should?

 In order to be able to give the best possible solution to any problem occurs to you, please contact us immediately by calling us on 22910 71 508.

 Hours Monday to Friday 9:00pm - 17:00pm and Saturday 10:00pm - 14:00pm.

 Go terms and conditions for additional information about our policy on refunds for products deemed defective upon delivery.