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Digital Car voltmeter

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This LED car voltmeter is easy to install and inform you immediately about the status of your car battery!

The result seems to distinctly red LED on the screen in the dark will clearly read the screen!

The digital voltmeter car has measuring range: DC 8V - 30V + / -% 1.2.

Connect the digital LED voltmeter into your car's cigarette lighter or your truck (compatible with 12- 24 volt) batteries and will be informed about the

battery status

How to check if the status of the car battery:

Turn on the ignition in the first place in order to measure the car's battery, not the generator.

In the digital voltmeter display the battery voltage, if the voltmeter shows 11.9V-12.8V voltage then your battery is in good condition, if

It shows below 11.9V it means that you must check in auto electrician.

How can you check whether your car's alternator is charging the car battery correctly thus increases the lifetime:

Follow the same procedure to measure the status of the battery with the difference that should operate the vehicle battery.

Turn on the car engine and press firmly throttle at 2,000 rpm.

If the screen display voltage below 13.3V the alternator is not charging your battery properly and you will need to check the alternator in a car electrician.

If the trend is 13.4-14.2V your car alternator is charging the battery properly.

If the voltmeter shows voltage over 14.5V, there is an overload and immediate risk of damage to your car battery.

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