Car scratch remover Renumax 100ml

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Get rid of your car or motorcycle scratches quickly, easily and economically!

We all have annoying scratches and blurring in our vehicle, whether due to accidents or normal wear and tear.

Renumax will allow you to easily remove these scratches and enjoy your car again.

Easy to use, no tools.

Apply a little Renumax to the surface you want and wait for a few minutes.

The sponge head fits all the exterior surfaces of your vehicle.

The ointment consists of millions of particles that fill the scratches and make them disappear.

That's it!

The product is effective in small scratches.

Instructions for use:

1) Clean the surface thoroughly with a cloth.

2) Shake the bottle well before use.

3) Apply the product to the point where it is worn.

4) Let it act for a few minutes.

Bottle content: 100 ml.