Waterproof rain shoe covers

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Protect your shoes from rain and mud when driving a motorcycle or bike in humid weather!

100% waterproof PVC material.

Keep your shoes or boots dry and clean and keep your feet warm.

Good elasticity at the top, easy to adjust degree of sealing.

They have a zip closure and a button for safety.

With heat-sealed seams to be 100% waterproof and embossed on the bottom so they don't slip.

Walk to school or work without worrying about your shoes and socks.

With light reflectors on the back.

It has zipper for easy and fast application.

It is worn over your shoes.

When not in use, keep them in their pouch and take up little space to keep them with you.

Easy cleaning and storage.


L suitable for you wearing shoes from 38 to 41 , (sole length 29.5 cm)

XL suitable for you wearing shoes from 40 to 44 (sole length 31.5 cm)

XXL Suitable for you wearing shoes from 43 to 47 (sole length 33.5 cm)