Mobile Holder in the mirror of the car

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Mobile Holder in the mirror of the car is adjustable.
On the basis of the mirror, you will have your mobile phone always at eye level and in a horizontal position, so you can have instant access to it, without being distracted from driving, which happens to us often and many times bad consequences.
Easy to install and to adjust the viewing slope as you wish, it is just what you need!
See immediately who is calling you, talk hands-free, reply to a message, talk live via skype or record the camera to track the time you drive without further risks!
Also you will have a map of the route before your eyes when you are using the gps on your mobile.
It is suitable for cameras, gps, and tablet.
Opening devices Stand: 5 to 9,4 cm
Open mirror mount: 5.5 to 8 cm


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