Magic, compressed towel-pill 28x23cm

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Round, white, compressed, towel in aspirin size!

When wet it is transformed into a towel 28 x 23 cm.

The magic compressed towel is a new product that once in contact with water it expands and becomes a very good quality and sized towel.

Every woman and man who respect themselves, with a little water, will meet the hygiene conditions wherever they are.

Cleanses sweat, makeup, pollution, refreshes and rejuvenates, while in the summer it absorbs sweat like a sponge!

Suitable for your baby's care.

It can also be used by restaurants, catering, hotels and other caterers looking for a smart, original, and useful gift for their customers.

It's made of 100% cotton!

Make it a scented towel by adding a different scent to the water each time.

Make it an antiseptic towel by pouring eg alcohol instead of water.

It is sterile, biodegradable, ecological and does not harm the environment.

Set of 12 pieces.

Way of use :

• Unpack the pill.

• Put it in some water.

• Get it out of the water once it has expanded.

• Unfold it and use it accordingly.

Size: Compressed (pill): 1.8x0.5cm., Open: 28 X 23 cm.