Elastic suitcase cover large 26΄΄-28΄΄

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How many times have you come back from your trip only to discover that your suitcase has been scratched, torn or dirtied?

Have you ever found a gaping hole where your suitcase’s zip once was?

Enough is enough!

This elastic suitcase cover will protect your luggage from preventable travel mishaps once and for all!

Highly elastic and durable material.

It protects your luggage from dirt and scratches and helps to identify your bag.

The handles and wheels are accessible when the cover is on.

Stretchy material makes it easy to put on and take off your suitcase.

Save money and time from plastic wrapping at the airport and protect the environment.

The cover is washable!

Available in black, red, brown, blue, pink and green.

Suitable for 26-28inch suitcases.